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Decentralized Cloud Labs

For Energy Materials

Building the first de-centralized cloud-connected labs for Hydrogen technologies

A pan-European Future Labs Concept.

DECODE aspires to revolutionize the process, by which materials for clean energy technologies are developed, integrated, and assessed. A critical element in Europe’s transitioning to a green economy is the discovery and mobilisation of high-performance materials that must be abundant, environmentally benign, and recyclable. This calls upon strategies for accelerated development and scale-up of materials.

Inter-operable and reliable

First of its kind

Accelerating the digital transformation

The key elements of the DECODE platform

Integration Readiness Level (IRL): a scoring system to assessing methods and tools
DECODE FABRIC: a matrix-like structure to facilitate exchange of knowledge and data)
AI-enabled “CPU”: orchestrates utilizing the IRL assessment and the mapping of contributions onto the FABRIC.

A consortium of leading European research and technology organizations (RTOs), academic institutions, and companies will contribute and align capabilities in theory, modeling, characterization, testing, and model-based diagnostics.

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